Spend Your Summer Loving Your Exterior

Let’s talk exterior painting. You feel it is too soon to even think about outside projects right now, however, speaking from experience by the time someone is calling us for an estimate in June we are so booked we are not doing exterior estimates at that point. Also, budgeting is always a good way to start any project.

Wood siding can be so much more then peeling lead based paint. Our recommendation is to update your wood dissing every 5-7 years. Unfortunately, what comes with the beautiful traditional look of wood on the exterior of homes comes higher maintenance. The transformation of wood siding is by far my favorite renovation to see.

Painting brick is another transformation that we have been apart of that I enjoy watching from start to finish. Much like wood siding when you come across that have not been maintenance in a while you run into lead paint. Scraping that off would be the first step than you can move on with your life.

Ok now the fun part! Color Schemes and curve appeal. Beige is slowly leaving the trending exterior paint color in western PA and I’m very grateful. I love color and we like to see those customers that don’t just following the next person and want to stand out and back to doing what you like not what they say. We cannot wait for the summer projects this year.

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