Take a Break After The Gym

Upside down or right side up, these palettes are a great way brighten up and keep color in your business. We have been seeing gym managers and offices really take the heart the interior of the building makes a difference in the attitudes of your clients, because the attitudes of their co-works changes. If you do not not care about your building that makes clients and your staff believe you do not care about your business. It does not have to be 10’s of thousands of dollarsĀ  throw some paint on the walls with a couple accent walls in the lobby and the break room and your done.

We have been getting requests for wall murals in office break rooms and gym walls in replace of an accent wall. This is a good idea because from a tropical seen to encouragingĀ  words to motivate not only clients and customers but also your team.

Break room relaxation. So as adults we do not get naps anymore, however, a team is more effective when they have breaks andĀ  comfortable place to relax for a minute. When you can step out of the office and way from the project it gives you a chance to refresh your mind and even be more productive when you get back to the grind. However, if you are going to a break room that is not inviting the office desk maybe the only place to eat. That is not a good thing! Even though a lot of people believe they are more effective and more productive eating at their desk in reality that is not true. People end up making more mistakes and burn out faster during the day.

Work it out with confidence! Color can give or remove energy, so take a look at your gym and of your customers and what you would want to see if you were a customer at your gym. We just repainted a gym and the color was very energetic and it ended up being a more inviting gym. Re-energize your gym!

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