Office Ev and Flow

Feng Shui has become a very popular interior design strategy in American Offices. Pittsburgh should be no different we have already done a couple offices using this method. The wall color you pick is just as important as the computer you pick for your office. How you feel about your office when you walk in determines your productivity and the mood of your employees. It is the difference between getting leads and staying in a valley. The most soothing yet productive colors soft and Earthy tones. If you see it in nature it is a safe color.


Now different professions are trying to produce different energy into there business. For example, if you are running a news room or a tech company you need energy and innovation so reds, blues, yellows and greens are best for that. If you are running a therapist office or a massage parlor you need a relaxing energy violet, soft greens and soft blues will be more your speed.

Flow is so important in the office setting from the bosses office to the employee break room. Let’s start with a focal wall in the main lobby and in the bosses office. It breaks up the look but still keeps the flow.

Let move on to a calming color scheme. Let’s see what is an example of what I’m talking about.

The color is soft and it is consistent throughout all rooms.

1. Plan stacked “anchor” destinations. Borrowing a strategy from retail design in which shopping malls have “anchor” stores at different corners of the mall to draw foot-traffic, workplaces can similarly plan for anchor destinations within different levels of the building to attract occupants and to encourage vertical flow. The desire for shared spaces such as bookable rooms and lounges, and the necessity for shared functional spaces such as the copy room and administrative spaces, draws occupants to these destinations. When occupants have a reason to move through the workspace, a more dynamic atmosphere is created resulting in more spontaneous collisions and multi-disciplinary collaborations.
2. Activate client spaces. A buzzing reception area gives visiting clients a real glimpse of the organization’s culture while offering a welcoming environment for occupants to dwell and converse. The trend is to create inclusive spaces that blend client reception/waiting areas with informal work areas and destination cultural spaces. This is one way to activate the space and allow clients feel like contributors to the corporate culture. Another strategy to activate the client space is to distribute it throughout the multi-level workplace and expand the client’s experience to multiple floors. This allows both clients and occupants to move vertically within the space, maximizing opportunities for interaction and idea exchange.
3. Make it enjoyable to move through the space. The principles of active design teach us that users are more likely to use the staircase if it is an enjoyable experience. In addition to providing health benefits, the staircase provides ample opportunity for spontaneous collaboration and idea sharing which might otherwise be missed. To create this effect, stairs should be central, prominently placed, and wide enough to enable conversations to happen with ease; ample stair landings and visual connection between floors can enhance the experience. Similarly, welcoming corridors with periodic “perches” or respite places invite people to stop and converse.
4. Facilitate collaboration everywhere. The success of collaborative opportunities can be further heightened by making technology easily available to support communication . The ability to charge devices, access the network and WiFi, share screens, and record ideas allow impromptu collaboration to be both enjoyable and productive

Thank you for reading as I said the ev and flow is very important as to what the productivity and mood is in your office.


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