Sherwin Williams Color Schemes

Picking a color for your home can be overwhelming. I know I am in the middle of renovating my entire home as I am writing this. There are so many options and a lot of times we just give up and go with beige. Don’t be afraid to throw some color accent walls in your home.

Softer colors are very welcoming and warm. You want your friends and family to feel comfortable and cozy when they come visit.

The feeling you want for each room may be different. For Example, in the living you may want to walk in there and feel relaxed and yet in the bedroom you want to have more of a romantic feeling. So the color scheme would be completely different. Or you are painting a playroom for the kids obviously you would want a color scheme that stimulates the brain and creativity.

Don’t worry Hardesty Renovations can help with this area of your project. I do offer color consults for our customers. Ask about it at your free estimate.

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